Truth Serum Episode 2- Rich People are A**holes?

Kate Butler is a #1 award-winning and best-selling author, founder of Kate Butler Books and Inspired Impact Publishing debunks the BS reality about being rich and having abundance. The hardest myth for Kate to overcome was something she was raised to believe that “All rich people are assholes” . This belief is the source for many people’s money blocks.
#truthbomb – The amount of zeros in your bank account is equal to the amount of people you have impacted or the amount of people you can impact. 
Kate’s life purpose is creating confidence, imagination and dreams…one mind at a time. Through coaching, retreats, seminars and her books, Kate’s main goal is to not only share this message, but also teach others how to incorporate it into the life of their dreams. Kate Butler has been featured in Huffington Post, Sesame Street, and Fox.

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