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What if you could learn to harness the power of the Infinite Universe to heal yourself and others?

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What Our Quantum Healer

Certificate Means For You

This certification is unlike anything else we offer and has changed the lives of thousands of people which means you become even more powerful in your coaching business or practice with these proven tools and techniques. This type of work is different than previous modes of energy healing that require you to “connect to” the energy. With Quantum Healing you BECOME the embodiment of WHOLENESS that heals yourself and others. Our certification allows you to weave your other trainings and modalities into our potent teachings.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or are well established in your business; our certification guarantees that not only can you help your self heal, but others too!

This new emerging field of therapy allows you use the unseen magical forces of the universe to heal physical and mental illness and emotional trauma. 

Our Quantum Healing Certification is taught by Melissa Binkley who has over years of 20+ years experience with training in over 20 different modalities; shares her proven tools, techniques, and framework for success so you can excel as the heart driven coach or practice you desire to be.

This 6-month 100% online program includes:

Learning how to access the Quantum Field and its infinite potentials. The quickest way to truly manifesting great health, wealth, balance, and joy.

Healing your trauma and old brain habits. A fool-proof way of clearing out the “junk” that’s holding you back from actually being able to heal.

How to align your energy center, heart, and body so you become an antenna that draws down your healing for yourself and your clients.

Reprogram your genes and connect to the Field so you can heal anything; healing physical conditions like: back pain, hormonal issues, migraines.

Learn ‘Miraculous’ healing techniques that will help you heal anything instantly.

Discover how to uncover the hidden blocks sabotaging you from living your life to the fullest.

Quantum Healing Certification Details

Did you know that 99% of disease is created in your consciousness and only 1% is genetic! Which means you have the power to heal and help your clients do the same!

Curriculum Overview

Learn to become a Quantum Energy Healer and use the God field to heal physical and mental illnesses and trauma for yourself and for others.

I have seen stage 4 cancer completely disappear in 3 months, a face paralyzed by a stroke return to normal in 20 minutes, and PTSD completely healed plus so much more.

This deep, intensive training program will teach you how to move energy, work in the quantum, get intuitive messages, do transmissions and become a powerful healer, whether you are just starting out or want to increase your current skills.

In this 6 month training you will:

  • Heal diseases and illnesses instantly
  • Empower yourself and your clients to connect to their heart and heal physical and emotional illnesses and trauma
  • Understand the importance of quantum healing theory, how to move energy, and use your intuition to guide you to healing
  • Become a certified Quantum Energy Healer (what I call a Spiritual Alchemist)
  • Understand how to pinpoint how the body holds onto trauma so it can be released
  • Understand how trauma affects our core realities
  • Identify emotional patterns that are at the core of illness
  • Learn how to lead impactful Quantum Healing sessions that lead to true transformation
  • Learn the neuroscience, heart science, and quantum physics as it relates to healing and spirituality
  • Confidently guide your clients to lasting transformation
  • Tap into the collective and deepen your understanding of the science behind healing
  • Learn the step by step process to true manifestation to create new future possibilities for yourself and your clients
  • Put your personal and spiritual growth on light speed
  • Become a conduit for healing energy and emit it daily from your body
  • Feel confident using energetic practices to align past, present, and future, heal, and manifest
  • Discover how your heart intelligence plays a role in all you create and do


And then there’s the deep universal impact YOU will create in your mission to heal the collective consciousness:

  • Deepen your connection to others, the planet, and the universe
  • Learn how to step into your heart, create social and global resonance for the purpose of healing, connection, transformation, and change
  • Understand the structure of the conscious experience on a collective and planetary level
  • Contribute to the awakening and consciousness of the planet
  • Understand the ecology of consciousness and how that affects personal, collective and planetary transformation


Q: What Quantum Healing Training Programs do you offer?

At Intuitive Intelligence Academy, we also offer 

  • Healing Codes
  • Entrepreneurial Healing Codes System
  • Quantum Miracles Mastery


    Q: How much does training with Intuitive Intelligence Academy cost?

    We have a variety of enrollment fees depending on the nature of our programs and certifications. Why not send us a message and we can direct you to the best program/certification for you 


    Q: What’s the difference between a Quantum Healer and a therapist?

    Whilst I absolutely believe there is a place for all types of therapy, they are limited by the specific modalities they fall within. When you become a Quantum Healer, you are working with the God Field to become an antenna that draws down your healing for yourself and your clients; faster than any other modality I’ve worked with and have experienced

    Why Choose Our Quantum Healer

    Training Program

    Our Quantum Healing Certification covers 360° of life

    Learning how to harness the energy of the Quantum will enable you to bring health to every area of both yours and your client’s lives; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have not seen a certification that covers literally every aspect of your life, which is why I’ve dedicated 20+ years of my life working in the Quantum field.

    Mentoring & Support

    You will be supported and mentored by my team and me along every step of the way to ensure your journey is transformational. Quantum Healing Certification includes  personal calls with one of my experienced team to set you up for success.

    A Global, Likeminded Community

    We are your people!  You’ll find lots of others’ on their Quantum Healing journey just like you. Connect with your community, bounce ideas and questions around our private FB Group and remember – the more energy you put in, the more you’ll get back tenfold!

    Discover how the Quantum Healing Certification can help you create a better future for yourself and others

    Meet Your Instructor

    Melissa Binkley

    Hey! I’m Melissa.

    I grew up with abuse – LOTS of it. By the time I was in college, I was a mess. I had a daughter, an eating disorder, and emotional trauma. I was on anti-depressants, diagnosed bi-polar, had eczema and psoriasis, chronic fatigue, adrenal issues, and I hated myself.

    On September 11, 2001, I lost my job and became a drug trafficker. I did so many drugs, I couldn’t even walk up the stairs without breathing problems! I realized that I was going to either die or go to prison.

    So I moved to Florida, gave up my child, and spent 5 years trying to heal.
    But nothing was working.
    In 2009, everything came to a head and I ended up homeless. I surrendered.

    There was nothing else to do – and that moment of surrender started to bring miracles.

    In 2010, I signed up for a Health Coaching school and ultimately started my business. Over the next 10 years, I discovered the secrets to true natural healing and left all drugs, medications, and mental and physical disorders in my past.

    I am now trained in over 20 modalities and have found the truth to accessing our superhuman capabilities. I completely healed but it wasn’t easy.

    It took years and thousands of dollars and journeying all over the world to discover how to heal my body and my mind and come into alignment with my soul.
    I realized I had a connection with the field — I call it the God Field — in which I could access through my heart that allowed my life to shift in ways that all these other processes couldn’t do.

    I realized that I could supersede my subconscious and tap into the emotion to attract what I wanted into my life and take small steps to get there.
    In 2017, I began traveling the world sharing my healing and manifesting techniques and recording miracles. I have seen diseases disappear before my eyes, cancer healed, PTSD eradicated, trauma healed.

    By the time of this writing, I’ve helped over 8,000 people around the world create massive shifts in their life by showing them how to align their body through their emotions — NOT just through their thoughts alone.

    And I want the same for you.


    Quantum Healer Career Opportunities

    Quantum Healing Certification is for you if:

    You want to start your own coaching business. With our Quantum Healer Certification you’ll be able to branch out in the direction that sets your soul on fire! Your potential is limitless

    You’re a fitness trainer, practitioner, massage therapist, healer, yoga instructor, or wellness professional who wants to expand their business and deepen their service with bespoke healing

     You’re a healthcare/wellness professional who wants to deepen your practice to help patients cure diseases and emotional and physical pain, while making healthy lifestyle changes that last

     You’re changing career paths or looking for a side hustle to get paid for helping others improve their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. Your physical and emotional health improves by default just for going through our Quantum Healer Certification!

    You’re a health/lifestyle writer, editor, or blogger who wants to better understand and articulate the science behind healthy living and breaking habits in a way your audience will easily grasp

    You want to live and work on your terms! Break the constructs of how we’re taught to work and do business with something meaningful, life changing, and with unlimited earning potential

    You’ve had that niggle that something needs to change. You’re seeking career fulfillment and want to impact humanity and make a difference in the world

     You have a desire to help humanity with a passion to grow your mind and consciousness at the same time

    Quantum Healing Certification: How

    You’ll Learn

    Start Your Journey to Becoming a

    Quantum Healer

    Connect with one of our team to take you through our enrollment bonuses and to help you get started on your Quantum Healing journey – you’ll never look back!

    Meet Friends For Life

    Join our heart-centered community who will support, challenge, and push you to see you becoming the highest version of yourself 


    “When I met Melissa, I was fed up with corporate. I set the intention to work from home, so I could build my own business. 3 days later, my assignment ended. I knew Melissa was for me because I could feel the certainty in her voice. I thought we’d talk systems all day, but her coaching goes so much deeper. Whatever I need, she matches me. I’ve created sales funnels, raised my rates, packaged my services, reached out to prospects, created partnerships, and successful events. The bonus was her Intuitive Intelligence work!! She’s helped me heal the story that I need to work hard for money. Now I believe I can work less and earn more. My life is effortless because I’m living on purpose. I cannot thank her enough for your support!!”

    Melissa is the truth. Hire her!

    Michele Santo

    Founder of Unstoppable Girls Squad and Marketing Mentor

    “Joining Melissa’s program was the best decision I’ve made for my life! She helps you understand why you do the things you do and then helps you implement new ways of thinking and techniques that allow you to expand your mind, life, and business. I have been able to open up and enjoy life more, be more comfortable with the woman I am, and have allowed the universe to work through me daily instead of worrying about the next step. She is an amazing coach, I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their life.” 

    Briana Bragg

    “I have taken many courses to become a better coach. NLP, Hypnotherapy, Transformational Coaching Method. This program blows away what is out there. It goes deeper than any other program I have taken and really gets to the core challenges for myself and my clients.”

    Marci Fedor

    “I am a therapist and I have worked with many therapists, coaches, counselors, and group leaders. Today I was blessed with the most amazing breakthrough experience in a long time with Melissa. She is awesome as a person, but as a group leader, she is astounding.”  

    <br /> Dr. Giorgina Liguiro


    Join Quantum Healing Certification. Tap into the Quantum and experience spiritual development, more confidence, healing, and transformation. Build the coaching business/practice of your dreams with our 6 month certification and be part of a community for life!.


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