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Completely immerse yourself in healing and transformation to create the life you desire– When you seek out the most effective resources and trainings you can obtain and and maintain your goals and dreams. An immersive experience allows you to do this and be among others who are doing the same. Be among those who achieve their wildest potential. With the help of a Intuitive Intelligence seminar, retreat or conference led by Melissa Binkley, you will create your own success story. 


Quantum Miracles


Sacred Ceremonies

Transform LIVE

Uncover any fears holding you back. Melissa Binkley will help you get unstuck and transform your pain into freedom. On the other side of your pain is your freedom. On the other side of your fear is a deeper love than you have ever known.  

Merging modern science with the wisdom of our past to shed new light on the techniques and benefits that form the core of Intuitive Intelligence, no matter what you want in life, joy, love, abundance, fulfillment- Transform LIVE will help you achieve it. 


Awakening. Healing. Re-Membering who you really BE. A time of unbridled bliss filled with unconditioned Love. A time of renewal and rejuvenation. A time to celebrate Love and exponential expansion. Join us on a healing excursion in one of these Sacred places in the world.


Begin moving towards an experience you will love and help shift the world

What you can expect from us is everything we have to help you be successful, so that like our current students, in less than a year from now, you will look back on this moment as the best decision you ever made for your career and for your spiritual growth.

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