How Heart Intelligence Can Change the Way You Think and Innovate


Plenty of coaches, neuroscientists, and business experts have called the brain “the technology of our era”. Yes we still travel to space. Yes, Tesla, with Musk at the helm, is still trying to figure out sustainable power sources. Yes, we have the world at our fingertips and then some. But the one technology we all want to hack, across multiple generations, is the brain. This is why we’ve witnessed such a massive jump in neuro-everything, and I believe this is only the beginning.

Neverending Complexities

For every synapse, process, and part of the brain we understand, there seems to be two we don’t. And while we are closer than ever before to understanding the why, and the how, and the when… we’re actually discovering something even more fascinating, and it has nothing to do with the brain specifically. In fact, if we want to deeply understand the seemingly never ending complexities of the brain, we might have to look other places, and this counterintuitive point has been holding us up.

What Drives Innovation?

Melissa Binkley, Creator and Founder of The Intuitive Intelligence Academy, is on a mission to raise the vibration of one billion people and heal trauma through her humanitarian work, but that’s not necessarily why I sat down with her. My goal was to find out what is actually driving innovation, how we- as a collective whole can tap into this process (whatever it may be), and what that has the potential to change in the world of products, creatives, and business. READ MORE

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