Heart Love Lock Instructions

The key to healing your life and creating miracles is through tapping into your emotional intelligence and thereby being able to access Intuitive Intelligence. The heart is the portal to the God Field where everything is healable and you can access infinite potentiality.

Unfortunately, today many people have a heart field that is distorted and shut down. The more you work on connecting to deep emotions in your heart region the more you will be able to access your heart’s intelligence and have direct access to intuitive intelligence and creating Quantum Miracles.

Do this easy heart opening exercise daily for 5 to 15 minutes to access the field, heal your trauma and raise your vibration for manifesting miracles.

Heart Love Lock

1. Set an alarm for at least 5 minutes

2. Focus on the energetic heart area ( I suggest placing your hands over your heart center in prayer or one hand over the other)

3. Imagine that the heart is like a rose bloom or lotus flower that is starting to open.

4. Conjure up a feeling of LOVE or APPRECIATION. (It is the quality of this feeling that will give you access to healing and the field). If you have trouble feeling then use your imagination to remember a time when you felt absolute love, appreciation, or bliss.

5. Stay with this focus and feeling for the entire 5 (or longer) minutes.

6. Do daily

This simple technique will shift the energy fields around your body, help you to shift negative emotions that are keeping you stuck and will dramatically change your life. Allowing yourself to regulate your emotional intelligence by continuously shifting to this feeling of love or appreciation will allow you to handle situations better and manifest more of what you want.

I have been doing this process along with several other techniques I teach in the Quantum Miracles and Quantum Health programs that have radically changed my life. I have spontaneous bouts of bliss and joy daily and my life is complete magic.

Please share you stories about how this process is helping you in our

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